Cosplay (pt. 1 (?) ) – A Future?

For several years now, the nerdier side of my interior has wanted to go to comic-con and cosplay as Gamora or Kat from Halo: Reach.

However, in the beginning of quarantine I came inches to actually starting to build my Halo suit. I was minutes from going out the door and buying the styrofoam for the arms and fabric for a black unitard.

Yes, it sounds nerdy but it would feel SO AWESOME. I could totally see it, and I want to do it so badly!!!

One of the only things is that nobody in my family has ever cosplayed and I know my friends would definitely make fun of me for it and never forget it. I would be fine remembering it though because it would be CRAZY fun but they wouldn’t think of it like that 😦

I’m starting to think about it again and since school is online now, I totally have the time to do it!! I want to sooooo badly…. maybe I will??

I’ll update you more… (hence the “pt. 1 (?)”)

I DEFINITELY have to figure this one out for myself, but leave a comment!!

-mad hattered

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